"Masterfully Written"

"Couldn't wait to see where this would go"

Beyond the Higher Ground by Thomas A. Brigger is listed in the historical fiction genre, but it could just as easily fit into the C/T/M/H category. Utilizing his experience as a builder, the author develops the background of the story. His book is masterfully written, getting the reader’s attention early and holding it until the final surprise at the end. The mystery and suspense are my favorite aspects of the story. Written in the third person narration, the tale follows Tucker through his adversities on Bright’s Mountain. With a well-developed, diverse, and rich cast of characters, the story is fascinating and compelling. The eloquent prose is believable, chilling at times, and kept me spellbound. His excellent descriptions left me with visions of Bright’s Mountain and its inhabitants.      PRISALLEN- ONLINE BOOK CLUB


I am a scientist by background and education, and am not a prolific reader of fiction. For some reason, this book kept me spellbound. I thoroughly enjoyed the character descriptions and their presence popped out. I especially liked the development of the story line, with it all flowing together in a concise, but understandable fashion. Kudos to Thomas Brigger.

                      JAMES H. -  AMAZON


Having worked in a remote country area while being from the suburbs, I can say with no ambiguity that the author nails the description and world-building for the story. It's an extremely tight-knit community rife with stories and often hard to be accepted fully in. Even if you've never had an experience with isolated settings like this, the descriptions and characters pop out easily creating a rich setting that the story flows through perfectly. It's a great mix of emotion, suspense and struggling to help others while trying to define who you are yourself in the world.

                      JASON K - AMAZON



"A Captivating Story"